Tips to help you dress well as a guy (part 1): The Wardrobe

  wardrobe 2  The first thing a guy needs in order to fully grasp the concept of  looking good or different from others is arranging your wardrobe. Arranging your wardrobe gives you more insight as to which clothes suits you best, your best color combinations, attires for suitable occasions, and probably a measure to check your body build up. It can also serve as a way to improve hygiene; as it helps schedule laundry time. When clothes are arranged they are more durable and look more beautiful. It also adds other little advantages depending on your personal lifestyle. It isn’t really a kind of practice, more of a hobby as it should be done during your spare time. If you feel there are better things to do during your spare time, then maybe the once in a, 2 or 3 month(s) plan could be beneficial depending on your schedule. There are several ways in which it could be less boring and stressful such as:

  • You could make a game out of it with your friends, try out different clothes, (maybe each others), or even with your girlfriends, which could be very beneficial as girls are very skilled in the art of fashion.
  • Preparing ahead of ceremonies (both minor and major). Trying out different dresses helps you make the perfect choice when the time comes.
  • Blogging about it: blogging is really fun, if you have something to blog about. And it’s another way to share your experience with others.  wardrobe

   When you arrange your wardrobe it helps improve your style. It doesn’t really matter the kind of clothes present in your wardrobe at that moment, because when you start shopping you will know the exact clothes, shoes and other accessories needed to make you look good. Plus looking good adds all the extra advantages you will need in public. Self esteem, respect, confidence and all that. Imagine walking home and most of the people on the streets just can’t take their eyes off of you. You’ll just feel ecstatic and It is always nice to receive recognition, it confirms your existence.

 “You ain’t no baby no more, so why are you waiting for your mama to come dress you up, do your laundry and all that sh*t. You need to handle your sh*t yourself as a MAN.”

   Whatever you do don’t forget to try arranging your wardrobe. Leave your replies below, because it is kind of important to me and don’t forget about part two: styling you